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For Things I Don’t Deserve

This week, there’s been an overwhelming consciousness of peace, the abiding presence of Yahweh. I wake up each day with thanks on my lips. Nah, not the usual religious lingo used to spice up a boring devotion- the “thank you for making me to see another day…” line we dole...

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A Dance In The Deep

 If storms were friendly, you could’ve been buddies. Each day some unfortunate event seems to strengthen your bond. The world thinks you both are an item, some inseparable pair cruising misery. Sometimes, you think so too; series of misadventures make you assume such. For this cause, you embrace the storms,...

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Forgive Me Dear Blogging Counsellors, I Don’t Have a Niche

I once loved being called a blogger. Like “singer”, “songwriter”, and “poet”, “blogger” is a name I’d wanted etched on my personality. Blogging seemed like a forte, like some shield against the insults society hauls at unemployed graduates. The Facebook profiles of some friends are worth considering. Somehow, these job...

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You are a lion. Your folks told you so. They did when they discovered your strengths, and the zeal with which you maximise them. They observe, as you with finesse devour obstacles- a feat cowards despise. They are proud of you, of all that you represent. As your uniqueness glistens...

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Towards the end of our national service last year, my friend, Unoma Akiti, called to seek ideas about a poetry gig brewing in her head. She wanted to organize a spoken word event which would infuse other aspects of art and literature. She kept repeating the word, “Poeticado”, a portmanteau... 14


Yahweh, I feel your frailty. The tears shed on Gethsemane. The war against your will to terminate your sinless life for me, a child of disobedience. Your helplessness as death suddenly developed confidence around you. I hear your screams as your skin was shred off your frame by those soldiers...

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The Unveiling

Dear Elyon’s, I see things: the unfurling of mysteries, the birthing of a dream and the extinction of purposelessness. I see a pool of visions vaporizing to the heavens for a heavy downpour on humanity. I see transformation, a dissection of the divine order for the comprehension of a new...