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Does it always have to visit? I mean, that season of the year when feelings blossom like lilies in the field, When heavy downpours Make mockery of our single status In cold and lonely nights. . . Does it? They say this weather is for two But all I see...


It’s Not That Deep

You’re having a casual gist with a brother just after the close of service. Midway to the discussion, he withholds his next statements like they’d turn out some abomination. His eyes pop out like Segun Arinze’s, shock making a mess of his handsome face. You’re wondering what could be wrong....



Laraba, She that was born On a Wednesday, What will you do, When the fires starts to burn, When the harmattan wind Blows the hot coal Into a raging bushfire? I wish fires were obedient But they don’t heed to mother’s counsel They don’t remember resolutions Even when you mean...