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Dear Nathan

Dear Nathan, I saw your pix on Facebook, the one which attracted over 500 likes and 200 comments, about 50 percent increase in response over the one you uploaded three weeks earlier. You had the biggest smile on, the magic which pulled the response, I suppose. In spite of my...


For Things I Don’t Deserve

This week, there’s been an overwhelming consciousness of peace, the abiding presence of Yahweh. I wake up each day with thanks on my lips. Nah, not the usual religious lingo used to spice up a boring devotion- the “thank you for making me to see another day…” line we dole...



The year 2007 was one year filled with political agendas. The airwaves whizzed my ears non-stop with Late President Yar’Adua’s Seven-Point Agenda. I was hypnotised, anticipating the good things that would rock our nation. But with my eyes fixated, I saw the agendas fizzled out by his death. In Delta...