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Of Ancient Fields And A Harvest Of Words

It’s thirteen days into the New Year and I can’t boast of the “ideal” New Year’s Resolution. This has nothing to do with me forming ‘woke’ like the folks who consider others immature for being resolute about something every year. I used to be like them, hating on New Year’s...


For Things I Don’t Deserve

This week, there’s been an overwhelming consciousness of peace, the abiding presence of Yahweh. I wake up each day with thanks on my lips. Nah, not the usual religious lingo used to spice up a boring devotion- the “thank you for making me to see another day…” line we dole...


Finding Strength In My Frailty

Yahweh, I feel your frailty. The tears shed on Gethsemane. The war against your will to terminate your sinless life for me, a child of disobedience. Your helplessness as death suddenly developed confidence around you. I hear your screams as your skin was shred off your frame by those soldiers...