The Unveiling

Dear Elyon’s,

I see things: the unfurling of mysteries, the birthing of a dream and the extinction of purposelessness. I see a pool of visions vaporizing to the heavens for a heavy downpour on humanity. I see transformation, a dissection of the divine order for the comprehension of a new breed, zealous with knowledge. In this panoramic view, I see you, Elyon’s Paradise.

I’ve lain beneath the sky in faith that it would be emblazoned by sparkles of your reflection. But all I could behold was a firmament, bland with the refulgent moon, graceful with the sun. Some nights, when piquant stars effect their elegance on the heavens, a shrill of intimidation runs down my spine – on your behalf.

“The sky is big enough for you to fly!” Thus says the motivational speaker. But our reluctance to fly isn’t always hinged on our belief on the crashing of our space above by stiff competitors. Rather, it is inspired by the fear of ascension to lofty heights.

Elyon’s, I’ve watched you cuddle in the safe haven of mediocrity, an abode that shrinks you from the class of Eagles. Dazed by a mental agitation, you sprawled on the bed of comfort; where your abilities wouldn’t undergo the refining furnace of public scrutiny. In that haven, you found safety for a long while…. until vision gave its loudest cry!

Now you’re bolted off your blind realities. You’ve shed ties with mediocrity. I see a new you determined to take the pruning shit from the unbelievers of your vision. You’ve come to accept, I see, that the entire human race mustn’t be your audience. There are people whose ears have been structured to listen to your voice.

This day, the dichronism of your personality begins it’s journey on transmitting radiant light to humanity. A-three-dimensional-buffet from your inside is served to the spiritually, physically and mentally hungry. There is a fattening of souls, a robustness of intellects. Hearts are gaining redemption from pervasiveness and purposelessness is getting debased.

Dearest friend, I regret not the years I laid under the sky waiting for your shine. Now when piquant stars spin in their galaxies I smile, for your twinkling greets my eyelids. I implore you to maintain your shine and forget the buzzing shows around you. Never give your head to pride; it will snuff out those visions forever. And whenever you get stuck in inspiration or lose track of your destination; pack up the stress, take a deep breath and remember that He who has began a good work in you is able to complete it.

With all the love in the world,


I breathe in music, and exhale words tastefully woven for your soul's pleasure. When high on sarcasm, I could smash your ribs into fine pieces. But whether on a stage, singing out my heart, on in Solitude, scribbling out mysteries, my greatest aim is to bless humanity with the essence of my being.


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