When Envy Rants

Our mental health is under attack. Dirty habits are frolicking with our minds, cajoling it to stray off sanity’s path. Humans, trapped by dementia, are cooperating with these demons who wouldn’t relent till they’re led to a dead end. This minute, Someone is munching a sizeable chunk of beef with relish, feasting on a meal of hate prepared by envy.

The green-eyed monster has been strutting down our hood through the centuries, leaving trails of discontentment. It knocks on doors to gift folks who yield to its call, goodies from its journey: a dysfunctional mentality of sole entitlement to all of life’s treasures. People who’ve never had qualms with life’s minutest blessings now pour their gaze on others’ achievements and suddenly feel cheated.

That sudden feeling of disadvantagedness could be easily justified by the reality of living below the poverty line in a developing 8country battling a frail economic plagued by corruption. Or the semi-monster that stares you in the face each time you behold the mirror, reminding you that perhaps, your “fearfully” made structure is the reason good things loathe your presence. We could blame this pathetic attitude on our lack of substantial education courtesy of a weak system, thus our natural tendency to be outsmarted by our counterparts who’ve topped the game with some professional distinction. Whatever the excuse, they’re all petty. Envy is just ranting, clouding our reasoning with its noise, building our insecurities.

People with misplaced identity usually catch a migraine from engaging in baseless comparisons with their peers. They shrink at the realisation of being below the ladder while their “mates” are up there, soaring. They’ve been told a lie that life ought to be all about them. Someone is obviously stealing the show and they’re too dazed to accept the truth. The only redemption their little minds offer is envy. They’re trapped in a complex: an inferiority complex.

However, folks who walk about with a 50-shoulder-pad of pride wouldn’t buy this. Their “I better pass you” mentality deludes them into thinking they’re too superior a being to be suffering from inferiority complex. Their beef for me is probably gathering muscles at the gym, my only offense being a loose attempt at dumping them in that “degrading” complex they’ve apportioned to “inferior” beings. I could give them the royal madness, sorry highness treat and relocate them from such low estate to some “almighty” complex. But it wouldn’t change the fact that they’re still trapped in a complex, a superiority complex.

There is the yeast that puffs one into a mass of emptiness. It is that feeling that tells you you should be only recipient of God’s goodness. It is the reason you applaud the rain for maintaining its downpour on your neighbour’s roof and consider the sun underperforming for taking a break off your vicinity. You consider yourself too much of everything to be deficient in something. So when someone expresses such abilities you admire but lack, hate sets it. Honey, you need help.

Envy is making too much noise these days, seeking cheap attention. It features in our endless cyber battles, sibling rivalries, strife among colleagues, church group controversies. . . So much brouhaha for “I suppose better pass you.” It is the reason we wouldn’t stop backbiting. We just can’t bring ourselves to appraise exceptional deeds. We turn frenemies, playing the game of sycophancy and backstabbing.

The hate produced by envy is capable of incapacitating potentials. Folks who just can’t stand the drama become too careful to express themselves. Their abilities shrink under hateful stares. But, isn’t this the goal? I mean, what is the need for envy when we are bonded by mediocrity?
There are folks however, who just live life, maximising their potentials in oblivion to envious deeds. Their indifference stings.

Like a lens, envy magnifies needs; toying with integrity like a bitch. It motivates many to keep hitting their heads on the wall over what they don’t have, and probably can’t afford, but considers a must. So they keep banging their heads on this wall of discontentment till they’re officially insane.

But if I may ask: do we need all that madness?

When did it ever become so degrading to lavish someone with sincere praise? Who’s lied to us that we’d lose our values, respect and integrity the day we acknowledge exceptional deeds? Who stuffed our brains with that crap about being the most important thing in the universe thus making other unique beings unhealthy rivals? We should stand against these lies and half truths already.

When envy rants, screaming vain blabbings, shush it. Take a good look at yourself and appreciate your worth; your being’s got essence. Take your eyes off you and fix it on those peeps unnerving you with their deeds. Dwarf your pride and give them sincere compliments. Dwarf your pride again and share their works, not as some sloppy famzing or feet licking ceremony. From experience I’ve understood that when you constantly talk good about people and seek out opportunities to market them, your heart becomes too occupied with love and devotion to habour beef.

You might not feel too comfortable with this public display of awe. It’s okay; do it on a low key. Honestly, life is too short to endanger your sanity with excess beef. It’s not worth it. Why don’t you rather expend your energy in observing the little secrets giving the other guy an edge and take cue? You don’t have to foam at the mouth, Choose to be inspired by someone’s success instead. That’s how to keep your head above the madness.

We should also understand that at different stages of our lives, there will be people ahead of us just as we are ahead of others. And the sad truth is, no matter how hard many of us try, we would never become that which we envy or admire. This is why it is essential we discover our strengths and be committed to developing them. A well developed strength is a potential for envy. But then we’re not building capacity just to put it in people’s face that “we sef don arrive.” Our developed strengths only put us in the place of relevance, intimidating envy and its rants.

So the green-eyed monster is not an all powerful demon after all. No doubt, it wouldn’t stop gallivanting about our hood, knocking on the doors of our hearts to flirt with our sanity. But we can decide to let it in, or totally ignore it. When envy rants, it is our responsibility to put a price tag on our integrity lest, we give it the honour of gaining victory over our sanity.

Temi Enemigin

I breathe in music, and exhale words tastefully woven for your soul's pleasure. When high on sarcasm, I could smash your ribs into fine pieces. But whether on a stage, singing out my heart, on in Solitude, scribbling out mysteries, my greatest aim is to bless humanity with the essence of my being.

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