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The year 2007 was one year filled with political agendas. The airwaves whizzed my ears non-stop with Late President Yar’Adua’s Seven-Point Agenda. I was hypnotised, anticipating the good things that would rock our nation. But with my eyes fixated, I saw the agendas fizzled out by his death.

In Delta State, the immediate past governor, Emmanuel  Uduaghan unraveled his Three-Point Agenda. Again, jingles rolled in, buzzing my ears with all manner of political propaganda. With great optimism, I awaited the manifestation of his own agenda. Then I saw flowers all over our roads – flowers meant to beautify the state,  flowers solely nurtured by the rains and scorned by the sun. In the blooming days of these flowers, our domestic animals found a source of livelihood. Those brutal  animals hijacked the agenda.

Years rolled by. My ears got healed from the lousy effect of media jingles. Nigeria was having a not so good time with their spontaneous agendas. Contemplating a substitute to unfurl the untapped potentials of the Uduaghan Agenda, the National Association of Domestic Animals (NADA), Delta State Chapter, had given an award of excellence to her patroitic members for their massive wreckage of Governor “Udu’s”  beautification project. Uduaghan, being a perfect gentleman, didn’t sue NADA. Neither did he continue to overflood my audio and visual streams with his bleak agenda. I was at peace for a long while. . . until 2014, when I heard the craziest jingle. . .

It was my father’s One-Point Agenda.

When my father, the Commander-in-Chief of the Unarmed Forces of our family, brought forth his agenda, we were like men that dreamed. Then were our hearts sliced on our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daddy’s agenda was to conserve at least ONE POINT of electrical power per day in order to avoid recharging our pre-paid metre more than once in a month.

With the declaration of his agenda, he resumed office as the Chief Security Officer of all electrical appliances in the house. He monitored the lights 24/7 and ensured they were always off. Our deep freezer and refrigerator were apportioned few hours of operation daily and more appalling was that charging of phones couldn’t exceed 12 midnight. Daddy’s  good night wishes instinctively meant “turn off all switches”.  Whoever flopped the agenda was made a helpless audience of his classic speech on “maintaining power” (I wish our power providers were his students).

Well, we all got fed up with getting mad at his excessive surveillance and found a way to survive the ordeal. The one point agenda became a coded language amongst us to salvage ourselves from the  unnecessary reprimands of a humourously overbearing dad. There were days when we just couldn’t avoid to violate King Dad’s rule. So while he was away, we would turn on the switches and flex some electricity. But as soon as we spotted him approaching, we just scream “THE AGENDA!” and immediately, we would be back to the status quo.

The one point agenda was definitely the biggest 2014 joke in my family. No doubt, it got on our nerves and showed our eyes pepper. But in the midst of the tantrums, I learned something valuable. I learned about the beauty of sticking to a goal. I saw dad’s devotion to his agenda. He was unfazed by our contrary opinions, subtle disobedience and inconveniences. My father isn’t one to rejoice over our slightest discomfort, but he had to ignore our feelings to achieve this one aim for our good.

And it worked. Dad saved enough points of power to last us through a quarter of the next month. If you ask me, I think he should be appointed the new Minister for Power. Never mind his stringent rules; you’d grope in the dark with glee. #tongueout

We all have our jingles screaming for attention. Bells of untapped/underutilised potentials are ringing from within, pleading for a release. Some of us have become accustomed to these sounds and mapped out strategies for their exhibition. However, where many of us fail is in the implementation stage. Like our government, we pose a responsible front and create agendas that we end up not being committed to. We sacrifice our visions on the altar of laxity.

Sometimes though, we want to go all out and kick-start these projects – write that book, record that song, start that business, learn that skill. . . fulfill all our dreams; but some “agbero-looking” circumstances just wouldn’t let us. We get confronted by self doubt and the fear of failure. We get fagged out by the contrary opinions of people who are probably clueless about our vision(s).

However,  like my dad, we must learn to be unfazed by these circumstances. In fact, for our many visions and aspirations, we should all get that One-point Agenda: a decision to follow through our goals and objectives until they’re all implemented.


I breathe in music, and exhale words tastefully woven for your soul's pleasure. When high on sarcasm, I could smash your ribs into fine pieces. But whether on a stage, singing out my heart, on in Solitude, scribbling out mysteries, my greatest aim is to bless humanity with the essence of my being.


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