Temi Enemigin

I breathe in music, and exhale words tastefully woven for your soul's pleasure. When high on sarcasm, I could smash your ribs into fine pieces. But whether on a stage, singing out my heart, on in Solitude, scribbling out mysteries, my greatest aim is to bless humanity with the essence of my being.

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18 Responses

  1. Adeola Victor says:


    Am still living in the experience.

    Won’t want to miss the page iii
    Even if am out of the country,I will come down,its a promise.

    Thanks Temi

  2. Unoma Akiti says:

    Hummmm… You had to tell everyone our little secret..I’m really a horrible Poet..lol
    .. Thank you Temi, for always been there

    • Temi Enemigin says:

      Hehehe. . . Do we even have secrets?

      But really, which sane being wouldn’t scream out the praises of a friend like you?

      Babe, you are amazing.
      The world should hear your story.

  3. I perfectly know unoma for a creativity when it comes to getting things done. Her passion is scary. I was trying to actually get the full concept of POETICADO maybe a young folks like us can launch in.
    Pls let’s have the next edition in the city of Lagos.
    Less I forget…. Temi… You are Super-doped writer.

    More Grace
    Love you guys plenty.
    Olatunji Rockdweller

    • Temi Enemigin says:

      Thanks Rockdweller.

      Lagos right?
      We’d see about that.

      And I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows Unoma for her exceptional creativity with events.
      Thanks for stopping by, Tunji.
      Hope to see you again.

  4. POETICADO is dope. Soon it’ll become internationally recognized. Soon it’ll become not just an award winning but an award giving body.
    Poets, song-writers, dancers, and general will be praying to win the POETICADO AWARDS. Just like u win the Grammys and Oscars. I know it will happen. Unoma Akiti doesnt see small.

  5. Theresa says:

    Interesting piece! Unoma has always being… well, I have always admired her from a distance. Thumbs up both of you.

  6. Rita Alasa says:

    A beautiful writeup. Well done Temi

  7. President Chinedu Kejeh says:

    Wow. This is beautiful… Can’t wait for Page 3…

  8. Talkaholic says:

    …and she forsook the very temptation to be narcissistic while penning in simple but vivid language, the awesome packages Poeticado II brought in it’s wake.
    She is undoubtedly a doppelganger of unoma in the gracious art of selflessness.
    I hope to witness Page III of this August gathering of like minds.
    God bless all who made this dream another astound reality.

  9. Kwiksie says:

    Thanks to you, tons of folks don’t have to feel absolutely left out anymore. 🙂 What a detailed and insightful post Tems. Now all our so far ‘absent’ brethren can plan towards it and etch #POETICADO in their schedules.

    It’s lovely getting to relive the edifying moments shared through your words sis.
    Dreams do come true…and my, is it beautiful when they do. <3

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