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Of Wishes Gone Sour And The Yearnings For A New Song

Hello hun,

I know it’s been pretty quiet here. You’ve been visiting but I haven’t been acting like a good host recently. You come, surf around, but get nothing intriguing except the same old gist. Trust me hun, it’s not intentional. I frigging care about you and I want this relationship of ours to blossom.

I want to fill your days with loads of exciting tales and listen while you talk about the beautiful things happening with you. I want to create a serene environment where we can both share our joys and pains and find no fault in being real. I want that atmosphere where a cycle of endless gists leaves our souls refreshed. I want…. a lot more than I can imagine. And as the day goes by, I’ll put in my best to seeing us thrive.

That said, how have you been? What’s been happening with you? Well, I wouldn’t give you the usual “I’m good” Kinda reply if you throw those questions at me. These days, I like replying the second question thus: “life’s been happening with me”. The truth is, it’s not just me. Life happens to us all. One day the sky is at peace with us, sending rays of sunshine our way. The next day, an angry cloud is bursting forth with downpours on our fatigued frame. But we ain’t backing down. We keep living; winning.

Whew! So a new month kicked off yesterday. As sour as “happy new month” tasted on my tongue, I couldn’t get it off my lips. Those wishes reminded me that August 2016 packed up two nights ago, for good. It came, enjoyed its stay and bade us farewell. I’m glad it didn’t unnecessarily choke us up with its presence like July did. Damn! July almost freaked me out, tagging along the calender till on the 71st. August was one smart month, you know. So smart that a couple of weirdly sluggish folks like me couldn’t utilised its presence. Now its eternally gone. Well, bleh, here’s September. I hope we’ll be Smarter this time.

New month wishes remind me of festive seasons. The streams of “merry Christmas”, “Happy New Year”, and other seasonal compliments gushing from the lips of family, friends, loved ones and even foes (in some cases) could leave one in a state of euphoria. But all that ecstacy slowly wanes as the year takes us through reality’s path. Looking at it objectively now, I think that perhaps, the only achievement these wishes leave us with is another breath to keep the atmosphere warm and fuzzy. And every new month, we keep celebrating these breaths which afford many of us nothing except hope for a brighter tomorrow; a tomorrow where our dreams would refrain from snoring through a sunny day.

Towards the end of 2015, I began dreading the arrival of this year. Every thought about 2016 plunged me into some frustration. With weights lodged on my shoulders, flaws flirting with my dignity and my sanity ducked down in misery, I felt ill-prepared to face the coming year. Heck, I was ready to cast an evil eye on anyone who’d attempt giving me one of those poorly recycled “happy new years”, something my messed up life didn’t deserve. It’s all a trap, one that’ll perpetually caged me in mediocrity. I was frigging scared of relieving my mess in a new year. My soul yearned for something more than mere wishes. It yearned for a walk through another 366 days, with an unwavering commitment to continuous growth and purposeful living.

Do you remember the story of a grumpy boss who gives an annoying reply whenever his underperforming employee bids him the morning wishes? “What is good about the morning?!”, he’d scream, the heat of his anger almost feasting on the ozone layer… I’ve been picturing that dissatisfied boss since last night, and as his response repeatedly plays in my head, I feel like asking all yesterday’s happy new month wishers – including myself – a similar question: what is good about this month?

Questions like this could make one appear like one pessimist sick with life. But this has got nothing to do with that. And I’m not spewing all these to grow enough balls that’ll help me clutch “the most ungrateful creature” prize. How would that positively affect the exchange rate of dollars to the Naira? Like many, I still find this functional breath bae enough to blow kisses to the Lord of all creation. But I understand that many times we just run wild with these new month wishes without making definite plans to ensure that our forthcoming days are rewarding. Trust me, if monthly wishes alone were sufficient for an amazing life, I’d have long ditched writing for an investment in Wishes.

Notwithstanding, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wishing someone a happy new month. It’s a wish. It’s genuine (perhaps). It’s civil. It’s not depriving anyone of his rights to existence. And if all you could afford humanity is the goodness from your heart on a monthly basis sweetly packaged as wishes, you do not err. I’m just here to remind you that you could offer life more than just those wishes. You could live through the months without regrets, even when faced with challenges. You could. You should.

So once again, I ask: what is good about September? What good do you want to see in this month? Have you made plans about it? Are you working on it already? Or do you want to sleep through the next 28 days waiting for a miracle to help you achieve your goals? Do you? Don’t kid yourself please.

It’s a new month hun, it’s fresh. Let’s make hay while the sun shines. Oh, forget the rains. It’s just beefing. Let’s work with dignity, giving mediocrity the humble pie as we proudly walk this path of responsibility. Let’s refrain from people and circumstances that are out to impinge on our growth. We deserve more than a bunch of folks clamping on our progress with their flair for backwardness. We’ve got our eyes on the mark.

We want to listen to the sound of not just mere wishes sweetly voiced on the 1st of every month; we want to whisper with gratitude, our achievements as each month folds up. We don’t want to taste sour wishes. We want to write beautiful songs with lyrics gracefully rhyming like: a September to Remember. We can. We should. Let’s make good music with our success stories.

Happy New Month, guys😘😘😘

I breathe in music, and exhale words tastefully woven for your soul's pleasure. When high on sarcasm, I could smash your ribs into fine pieces. But whether on a stage, singing out my heart, on in Solitude, scribbling out mysteries, my greatest aim is to bless humanity with the essence of my being.


  • Olatunji Rockdweller

    Great piece. “Happy new month ” is a ‘prophetic’ declaration and it’s goes a long way if voiced with understanding. I perfectly understand your view though. We need to make the month what we want it to be.

    • Temi Enemigin

      Thanks Tunji. We must continually confess our convictions. But we must never forget the essence of backing our words with action.

  • Samuel

    Great one sister. At first you sounded like a member of family, then like a sincere fellow, then like a saddest, then like an atheist. But finally was able to prove the point – talk the talk but also work the work.
    Don’t worry there is hope. Don’t fold your hands, keep trusting, keep hoping and keep working. Time will tell better of your success. Love you sister, you know I will always do.

    • Temi Enemigin

      Wow! Like an atheist? A sadist? Hahahahahaha. I’m neither of those. We just have to write out our heart. But I’m glad you finally got my point.

      Thank you Samuel. I you know, I love you too. #winks

  • Fergie

    What other motivation do I really need. it’s all painted in black and white here. If I don’t conquer September then I have no one to blame but me. Wonderful piece I must commend.

  • Bright

    Apt and concise piece.embedded in this pudding is the ingredients that makes life sweet. The passion and flair with which you write will surely take you beyond were you wish to be. And pls, don’t ditch writing for anything! It’s who you are :a writer!

    • Temi Enemigin

      Thank you so much Bright for your kind words. I’ll always remember who I am: a writer. I wouldn’t allow anything steal that understanding from me.
      Thank you for visiting the blog.
      Do visit some other time.

  • Efenzie

    Thanks for this piece Temi. This is something I had to draw myself to focus in on yesterday. About how 2016 is nearly over and how I can maximise this month. My refrain this month is: September – endless possibilities…

    • Temi Enemigin

      Oh well, 2016 is on yesterday’s trail. May we not with regrets embrace 2017. We’ve got time. Let’s work out these possibilities.
      Thanks Efe, for visiting.

  • Praise

    Yeah. It’s a new month. One that ushers fresh waves of strange abductions and senseless merriments.

    On the strange abductions front, my cousin got kidnapped recently; on the Ist actually. . .
    Thank God she made it out safely.
    You can’t be too prayerful this time

    • Temi Enemigin

      Oh my God! I’m glad she survived it. Can’t imagine what you all must have gone through during the ordeal. But yeah, God is faithful. We keep believing in him. Be safe dear. My regards to your cousin and family.

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