Does it always have to visit?
I mean, that season of the year when feelings blossom like lilies in the field,
When heavy downpours
Make mockery of our single status
In cold and lonely nights. . .
Does it?

They say this weather is for two

But all I see is some bloody miscreant that finds pleasure
In breaking the rules
Extending its visits beyond the shores of husbands and wives
And knocking on the doors of you and I,
Single folks in need of redemption
From the power of konji
And though our salvation is closer than we think
This waiting process is taking eternity

Don’t get it twisted,
We’re not seated with hands on our chins
Awaiting the spouse that’ll give significance to these feelings
But this season that awakens desires
Keeps visiting
With winds caressing our skins, it comes

And sets our emotions on fire

Oh God of creation,
Direct my emotions
For my imagination is running wild
With lustful thoughts frolicking with my mind
And although I really wanna put up a fight
The strength for such, I cannot find
Every fibre of my being is speaking Spanish,
Seeking a medium of expression
For these raging passions

And can I be more sincere with you Lord?
You see that dude
Created in your image and likeness?
The one who showers me with attention and kindness?
I want to grab him,
Take a trip with him to ecstacy
Without a care for my dignity

But your gentle nudge in my spirit
Reinforces your word in my thinking
It tells me, that your love was in motion
When you created my emotions
And because you understand that I could
Be consumed by these passions
You advised that I refrain from fanning its flames
Until I’m legally whisked off this path of singleness.
In the eyes of your word,
I see the futility
Of sinning
Against my own body.

So dear God, I come before you
Admitting my helplessness
This path of iniquity I do not want to thread
Deliver me from the temptation that’ll land me in hell
And whenever this season
That tickles my feelings
Comes visiting
May I gaze upon your cross
And find your everlasting love
That is strong enough
To keep me
From falling


Hello sweetheart,

Trust you’ve been doing great? And hope you were blessed by this poem? Actually, it’s a spoken word piece I performed at an event yesterday.

Konji (sexual urge) is a natural occurrence in every human, but not many has found peace with this fact. It’s really frustrating when we’re ¬†experiencing it but just cannot “do” because we’re singles with high regard for purity.

The problem I find quite often with believers is that we try to pretend these things are inexistent. We wear our religous cloak which makes it quite uncomfortable to discuss our feelings with someone, especially a fellow believer. Having an urge for sex is not a sin, what we do with the urge is what determines sin. 

It’s expedient that we understand that God is the maker of our emotions. We can talk to him about how we feel. He’s our dad, friend and confidante. Let’s be real with him and ourselves.

In so doing, we’ll find that gentle nudge in our spirit telling us what do it. It might be ‘FLEE from that dude/babe’, or ‘go listen to a message on purity’, or ‘read a book/get training on emotional intelligence’, or ‘talk to a trusted friend/counsellor’. In all, our sincerity and openess of heart will avail us the wisdom to overcome temptation.


If you need reach me concerning this issue or any other issue of interest, please send an email to elyonsparadise@gmail.com and I’ll reply with a broad smile.

And hope you know you should share this on different social media platforms? Don’t be stingy with quality information biko. Share. And PLEASE, comment. Stop doing waka pass. Let’s gist on the comment box. Thanks.

Have a beautiful week ahead.

Be at peace with your sexuality.

Stay pure.

I breathe in music, and exhale words tastefully woven for your soul's pleasure. When high on sarcasm, I could smash your ribs into fine pieces. But whether on a stage, singing out my heart, on in Solitude, scribbling out mysteries, my greatest aim is to bless humanity with the essence of my being.


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