Forgive Me Dear Blogging Counsellors, I Don’t Have a Niche

I once loved being called a blogger. Like “singer”, “songwriter”, and “poet”, “blogger” is a name I’d wanted etched on my personality. Blogging seemed like a forte, like some shield against the insults society hauls at unemployed graduates. The Facebook profiles of some friends are worth considering. Somehow, these job seekers get “gainfully” employed as CEOs of anything.com. While some people may consider this a sham, I do think otherwise. “Blogger” is hope- a new way of advancing an already stagnant life.

The first set of blogs I read were online diaries. I stumbled into them during my penultimate year in the university. I was intrigued by how much people could open up themselves and allow the world share from their joys and sorrows. By my final year, I’d read enough blogs of different genres, that I felt compelled to share my thoughts as well. Being the CEO of an online space wasn’t the driving force. Passion was. I just wanted to nourish souls with creative writing. That was four years ago.

Three years later when I started my blog, my priority had increased. I had graduated, done my National Service, and survived a horrible job. I was officially a notable member of The Association of Unemployed Nigerian Graduates. My focus subtly advanced from nurturing lives, to improving my skills and having a link I could refer future employers during interviews for writing positions. My intention was still noble, except that I was confused.

My first six months as a blogger brought internal wars. I came to the blogging scene armed with my passion for people and a writing skill (which I hoped would improve overtime). Those were enough tools to nourish lives and advance mine, I’d thought, until a bunch of professional bloggers told me otherwise.

“In the multitude of counsel there’s safety,” scriptures says. But safety was too expensive a thing to purchase from my counsellors. Fear was cheap. I purchased lots from their store of questions hinged on a blogging that yields financial reward. Is your blog paying you? Do you have a niche? How do you hope to make money if you don’t have a niche? How will your blog be categorised for future awards? Will your blogging style attract traffic…? And on, the interrogations rained like hailstorm, freezing my enthusiasm and skill.  In the end, passion looked stupid. “Blogger” felt altogether silly. Confusion became dear.

Few weeks back a friend of mine, out of frustration, called passion a fluke. Okay, he didn’t exactly say that but then he lamented about how passionate people end up poor. He said he wasn’t going to live for passion anymore. His words took me to that place my counsellors’ left me months ago. I remembered feeling like a joker, like that frigging unemployed graduate who’s not even considering escaping the poverty trap through blogging. The more I dwelt on their words, the more I felt like I was wrong to have ever considered having a blog. Maybe blogging isn’t for people like me, I thought. Maybe, passion is truly a fluke.

But I know passion. She’s not some random chick who heats up your chills on a cold night. She’s like sticks, drumming your heart into loving your being. With each beat, she sets your soul in rhythmic symphony with your call. One drum-line, and your life gravitates towards the creator’s design for your existence. Passion is like a metronome, syncing you with purpose, helping you internalise the specific timing for your unravelling. Should you sway to the rhythm of another’s beat, passion will instruct your unruly pulse to align with the tempo of your call.

For a while, the counsel from them professional bloggers held me sway to the rhythm of too many beats. It was a pathetic show- my offbeat dance to the songs I didn’t know. But passion didn’t throw those sticks away. It kept beating, subtly at first, then with increased tempo. After a while, I couldn’t but turn my heart to the sound I once knew. The confusion paved way for clarity, and a stronger bond with purpose.

Now, I wear headphones when those counsellors come calling. I may never worth the “true” blogger title or get such traffic that’ll get me a castle in some fruity island. The world may never taste my name, or dance to the rhythm my uniqueness beats. But nothing will change. Not my aim, or vision. I live for humanity. To make lives worthwhile. And with every ounce of my being, I will sing, write, and speak till souls get nourished. So forgive me dear counsellors, I don’t have a niche. But if you insist, then my niche, is a buffet for your soul…


I breathe in music, and exhale words tastefully woven for your soul's pleasure. When high on sarcasm, I could smash your ribs into fine pieces. But whether on a stage, singing out my heart, on in Solitude, scribbling out mysteries, my greatest aim is to bless humanity with the essence of my being.


    • Temi Enemigin

      Thanks for reading, Humphrey.

      First, I don’t think there are people without passion. They haven’t just discovered the real deal their heart truly craves. For such people, I’ll say keep doing life. Passion will find you.

      For those with shifting passion, be sure you’re dancing to the right beat. Sometimes people just shut themselves off their call because the results aren’t yet coming. But I understand that we could wake up one day and realize we’re done living for one thing. For such folks, move on. Follow the sincere rhythm of your heart. Just ensure you aren’t dancing to the beats of frustration.

  • Ola Oluwasanmi

    Hey Temi, am sure we haven’t met but your write-up seem a piece brewed from my heart. Reading this seem like I found someone who has seen the movie of my life or someone who has secretly being listening to the words I tell myself when people advise me to think about making money with my blog. Whichever way it is, thanks for sticking to your belief as well as sharing this. It does mean alot.
    And how you knit words makes reading your blog amazingly interesting and beautiful. Keep it up, the blessed hearts are reading.😉

    • Temi Enemigin

      Hey Ola!

      Thank you so much for reading. It feels great to know I’m not alone, that my vulnerability is strength to many. Thank you. I’ll keep doing what aligns with my call. I urge you to do same.

  • Olatunji Rockdweller

    It’s so nice knowing that you are solidly back and kicking… I perfectly understand your plight cos I face same thing almost every time.
    I believe in Niche. However, not all niches are named yet…. Just do what is comfortable for you and it would be given a title soon.
    I have grown enough to understand that I write for God, then Me… Anybody can come later to take his or her space but when the first two are cool with it, I publish and relax.
    As for traffic… It’s not natural it has a code, great traffic doesn’t me the best blogs, it just shows those who know how to drive that… Simple.
    God bless you richly Timi.

    • Temi Enemigin

      Thanks, Olatunji. The most important thing is that we’re sticking to the rhythm of our hearts. We’ll be fine as long as we don’t stray from purpose’ path.

  • Ase

    “Passion is like a metronome, syncing you with purpose, helping you internalise the specific timing for your unravelling”. Well done PT, every line was worth reading. The use of imagery kept my eyes glued to my phone screen.

  • Omoh Ehiremen

    Passion…. Well, I like to call it that force that wakes you up every morning to becoming an awesome person to your world.

    Keep up the good work ma’am.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Koz

    This last paragraph of yours did it for me. Let me now write another epistle here but you know I always admire everything about you. Ditch the niche and just be You mama Temi

  • Emeka Ndububa

    Awesome miss Temi. (I hope I am tagging the right title) You are spot on. I am in the Economy class section of that boat you are currently in. I write, I have no niche. Just about to start blogging proper. Reading too much, hearing too much. Almost giving up on starting but my passion on humanity won’t stop drumming… Lovely post

    • Temi Enemigin

      Hey Emeka!
      Thank you for reading.

      My advice?
      Follow the rhythm of your heart. Start blogging already. Just write. You might eventually find a niche, or not. Be sure you’re channelling all that creativity to something worthwhile. On this nicheless blog, I write to nourish lives. Your blog will have its own purpose. Just follow that rhythm in your heart.

      And yeah, you got the tag right.

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