For Momma

Temi Enemigin

I breathe in music, and exhale words tastefully woven for your soul's pleasure. When high on sarcasm, I could smash your ribs into fine pieces. But whether on a stage, singing out my heart, on in Solitude, scribbling out mysteries, my greatest aim is to bless humanity with the essence of my being.

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24 Responses

  1. Black Sugar says:

    This brought giggles . More giggles . Tears then broad smiles . God bless momma. I look forward to being one . Thank you for sharing

  2. Ireti says:

    And one thing I love about her is that she’s peacful

  3. Essien Bassey Greg says:

    Beautifully woven in twist of memories

  4. Peace says:

    Reminisce…………….. This really brings back a lot of memories. Beautiful. Inspiring, inciting and an aide-memoire of mother’s love and the love for mother

  5. Chyke says:

    Great piece Temi. Keep up the good work.

  6. Adun Collins says:

    Nice one ma’am. Mama nor be small ministry oo. I love my momma.

  7. Tsuwa wealth says:

    I love you momma… Thanks for all the sacrifices… Thanks for being there, thanks for enduring my stubbornness… Love you to the moon my pride

  8. Emeka says:

    Wow. Thank God for Mama’s Life. As ‘Uuurgh’ as they can be sometimes, aren’t they God’s angels to us?

  9. Jaydon Adigun says:

    Really cool 🙂🙂

  10. Steve says:

    Wao nice

  11. Praise says:

    In the words of momma’s monitoring spirit who’s well aware, “I no blame you at all. . .”

  12. Happiness says:

    And the way she accept everyone that comes to her home as her child n plays with them,she is so loveable n very jovial,there is never a dull moment with her,she is a mother indeed

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