Lyrics That Speak

Lyrics That Speak: A New Home For The Music In My Head

Folks who are close to me know my intimate relationship with music. They know how I sometimes pause in the middle of a conversation to pay attention to some nice sound filtering through my ears from miles away. They’ve seen me turn random gist into hilarious songs, same way I make melodies out of supplications. They know my playlist is a treasure house of unique sounds accompanied by meaningful words. They also know… that nothing sets my heart spinning like a song with beautiful lyrics.

I am enamored of words. Words spoken. Words written. Words sung. They all enchant me, so I look out for those that resonate with my core. My intimacy with music however, leaves me in the company of words sung. It’s in how my day begins: an earpiece transmits words from my playlist to my heart. I step into the day breathing internal dialogues spurred by the words. In each conversation, I catch myself drifting from the world around me to that in my head.

They say this is how you know a good song: it makes your head its habitation and leaves you humming its rhythm. I am a fragile thing in the company of beautiful songs. One melody line, a hook, an instrumentation, a lyrical composition, all gracefully interpreted by a rich voice, and I’m awestruck. Because of how songs can get my head spinning in the direction of their underlying themes, I’m careful to embrace them only after much scruntiny of their lyrics.Lyrics speak. They aren’t just words filling some void in a song. Although an artist may carelessly throw in words to fit into some beats, it still wouldn’t rid the lyrics of significance. The words may sound shallow, absurd or inappropriate, yet it wouldn’t miss its audience because every song has words that resonate with people. In a line or two, they find their truth echoed by the artist. And in that instance, they realize they are not alone, that their ideologies aren’t so alien either.

I have had such realization too. It was at a time I organized a low-key pity party to celebrate the shitty turn of events in my life. Music showed up like a real buddy. It came with love and grace, and sang redemption over my misery. The gloom was over and I organized another event- a big party where joy was served. Music showed up again. This time with thumbs up for victories won, and a push to do more. In good music, I have found direction for unsure destinations, confidence to approach my fears, clarity to hold onto what is necessary, and the will to let go of what isn’t. Good music has provided me mentors who through amazing lyrical compositions, teach me about life, love, relationships, passions, and God.

As I discover new songs and artists each day, I see reasons to not hoard the lessons I’m being taught. A lot of songs have been speaking to me lately, spurring me into making adjustments in my life. There’s Hillsong’s recent “There is more” and Lauren Daigle’s more recent “Look up Child” albums. Every track in both albums is a hit leading up to a string of thoughts. I have pondered on these thoughts, tried to get into the mind of the artists to understand what circumstance inspired their words. I have read up reviews and interviews, listened to podcasts, and had enough. My head is becoming too small to inhabit the endless conversations spurred by good music. These thoughts need a new home, and I have decided to build one here, under a new category. Guys, it’s…

Lyrics That Speak!


Perhaps like me, your eyes pop out when you hear a song echoing your convictions. Maybe you grip your chest too, wondering how some artist could sum up your life in one song. There are things we feel but are too scared to say. And there are some we just don’t know how to say. Music helps us say them. And in the words expressed, we’re able to touch our exact feeling: the emotions we couldn’t/didn’t know how to share.

I trust that in Lyrics That Speak we’ll find songs that’ll paint our reality with hues of hope. I hope that words will reach into the depths of our core and ignite faith, confidence, and love. Should we be too broken to cast one glance at healing, words will find us. Our visions will unfold. Our passions will come alive. Our creativity will find wings. Lyrics will rekindle our love for Yahweh when we find ourselves drifting from Him. One song at a time, we’ll find our hearts racing unto goodwill as we unravel the beauty of words.


We unravel our first song Wednesday, next week. Who’s expectant?😍😍😍

I breathe in music, and exhale words tastefully woven for your soul's pleasure. When high on sarcasm, I could smash your ribs into fine pieces. But whether on a stage, singing out my heart, on in Solitude, scribbling out mysteries, my greatest aim is to bless humanity with the essence of my being.


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