Author: Temi Enemigin


Sontin To Hol’ Body || by Joy Chime

Without opening his eyes, he spoke, the usual rapid speed of his speech reduced by what seemed like exhaustion. ‘After the offering and choir ministration, the pastor came up and asked the keyboardist to play. While the keyboardist played, the pastor asked everyone to be quiet, that God had things to say to some people. Toochi, I haven’t heard God in a long time, but when I heard Him, I knew He was the one. He said, “Dozie, are you angry at Me”?


Atsetemi: Reclaiming a Prophecy

Sometimes I consider my father too clingy. It’s in the way he claimed us at birth. Eight days after we were born, daddy etched a part of himself on us. A part we could...


Papa’s Field

  Tonight, I’m a little girl again. On a reverie to the days my soul was free, And my feet danced carefree To the rhythm of the wind; I find myself in Papa’s field...


Finding God

1. ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be open 2. the tomb which was sealed with a stone, laid open, why do...


For Momma

Yesterday I was a joyful soul. An all-smiles-cheeks-wide- grinning  joyful soul. I wore my momma’s blouse I brought with me to this new city for the first time in nine months, and it felt...