Category: Fiction


Sontin To Hol’ Body || by Joy Chime

Without opening his eyes, he spoke, the usual rapid speed of his speech reduced by what seemed like exhaustion. ‘After the offering and choir ministration, the pastor came up and asked the keyboardist to play. While the keyboardist played, the pastor asked everyone to be quiet, that God had things to say to some people. Toochi, I haven’t heard God in a long time, but when I heard Him, I knew He was the one. He said, “Dozie, are you angry at Me”?


It’s Not That Deep

You’re having a casual gist with a brother just after the close of service. Midway to the discussion, he withholds his next statements like they’d turn out some abomination. His eyes pop out like...



“Itohan!” You heard when he called you. You just can’t respond and you don’t know why. You are a broken flute with notes that sounds like clashing cymbals on repeat. “Where is this girl?”...