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Does it always have to visit? I mean, that season of the year when feelings blossom like lilies in the field, When heavy downpours Make mockery of our single status In cold and lonely nights. . . Does it? They say this weather is for two But all I see...



Laraba, She that was born On a Wednesday, What will you do, When the fires starts to burn, When the harmattan wind Blows the hot coal Into a raging bushfire? I wish fires were obedient But they don’t heed to mother’s counsel They don’t remember resolutions Even when you mean...


You Wrote My Story

My first cry could’ve won a Grammy If mum has taken her massive tummy To a recording studio Where sophisticated gadgets would’ve captured with great pleasure, My first live performance For posterity’s consumption.   It would’ve been a one-hit-wonder By a-day-old singer Who felt mistreated and went yonder, Away from...