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You Wrote My Story

My first cry could’ve won a Grammy If mum has taken her massive tummy To a recording studio Where sophisticated gadgets would’ve captured with great pleasure, My first live performance For posterity’s consumption.   It would’ve been a one-hit-wonder By a-day-old singer Who felt mistreated and went yonder, Away from...


When Envy Rants

Our mental health is under attack. Dirty habits are frolicking with our minds, cajoling it to stray off sanity’s path. Humans, trapped by dementia, are cooperating with these demons who wouldn’t relent till they’re led to a dead end. This minute, Someone is munching a sizeable chunk of beef with...


The Unveiling

Dear Elyon’s, I see things: the unfurling of mysteries, the birthing of a dream and the extinction of purposelessness. I see a pool of visions vaporizing to the heavens for a heavy downpour on humanity. I see transformation, a dissection of the divine order for the comprehension of a new...